Fox Rage Prism Reels
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Fox Rage Prism Reels

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After years of development, we are now exceptionally pleased to unveil our new Prism range of fixed spool reels. These reels have been in testing for some time now and our team of expert angling consultants across Europe have been blown away by their performance and even more blown away when they find out what their price tag is!

  • Offers outstanding value for money
  • 3 sizes: C1000, C2500, C4000
  • Super smooth clutch
  • Anti-reverse
  • 6 ball bearings
  • Rotor Balanced Profile to ensure a solid retrieve that eliminates rotor wobble.

Modell Art.Nr Kugellager Übersetzung Schnurfassung Gewicht
Prism Reels C1000 NRL013 6+1 5.6:1 150m/0,18mm 205g
Prism Reels C2500 NRL014 6+1 5.1:1 150m/0,22mm 240g
Prism Reels C4000 NRL015 6+1 5.1:1 150m/0,28mm 260g

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