Fox Rage Prism Fused Micro Braid 120m Multi Coloured
Art.Nr.: Fox_Rage_Prism_Fused_Micro_Braid_120M_MC
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This is not a conventional braided line but a technical product that has been purposely designed and manufactured for vertical and finesse applications.

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The material is fused to make it waterproof and windproof, with only one goal in mind, to make it perform better in trying conditions such as strong flows and heavy winds.

  • 100% PE fused style braid
  • Supple for long casting and superb spooling
  • 4 carrier construction with good abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding knot strength
  • Construction for optimal flow (air & water)
  • Allows you to fish lighter
  • 120m per spool
  • 2 colours: orange and multi-colour metric line (colour break every 1m)

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Artikelnummer Fox_Rage_Prism_Fused_Micro_Braid_120M_MC
Kategorie Geflochtene Schnüre
Inhalt: 120,00 m

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